The reception is the control centre in every medical facility, that's why the construction of the reception area has to be well thought out. In surgeries the focus must not be all on functionality, here the patients also have to be feeling comfortable. On the other hand at the planning of laboratories besides the functionality the safety requirements have to receive attention too.
Benefit from our experiences in planning and construction of reception and service areas as well as surgeries, laboratories or dressing rooms.

reception of a blood donation facility


// Reception

Custom-made and functional reception areas for a smooth work flow
waiting room of a surgery


// Waiting room

In comfy and modern waiting areas the patients can feel just like home
surgery of a blood donation facility


// Surgery

Well thought out concepts assure expediency and the patient is feeling good


// Laboratory

Convenient and economic with custom-made build-in cupboard


// Storage

Cupboards and lockers in different sizes - meeting every demand
dividing walls


// Dividing walls

Flexible dividing walls with many features for different requirements